Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A dose of reality...

For the last year and a half of my life I've dealt with pain, frustration, and the pains of being a woman, all due to having a surgery that potentially saved my life last January. So I've dealt with it, because it kept me alive to see another day with my loved ones. But that hasn't made it easier.

I think the scariest thing up to this point was having no choice in say to have a hysterectomy, even though it was my choice to speak with a medical professional about my underlying constant pain with the thought of a hysterectomy in mind. Will it be another surgery to save my life, allow me to watch my babies grow, and to grow old with my husband? Yes. Regardless of the confirming thoughts and medical facts, it didn't help.

The realization set in about a month ago that everything I've ever been partially good at is being taken away from me. Bearing children, being a mother, being a woman. That left me heartbroken. Although, Mike and I never planned on adding another child to our family, the thought was daunting. I was scared to talk about it. I was scared to let myself feel everything that was normal to be feeling.

Then one night, I broke.

I sat across from my husband and cried in the middle of a busy restaurant. As many of you know, I have a very loving husband. He is my rock, no doubt. But sometimes, he can tend to be a little less than comforting in awkward, my wife is having a melt down in the middle of a bbq joint and her snot is dripping on her ribs, moments. This lead to his absolute confusion. He knew, that I knew, we didn't plan on having more babies- I had apperantly lost my mind. Maybe I had for a brief moment.

Everything, every bit of fear, concern, and emptiness I had been feeling the last two weeks fell right out on the table that night.

While in doing so, I made my husband feel guilty. "Freeze your eggs.", he said. I would be lying if I said the thought hadn't occurred to me. But the reality of having another child is not for us. And while it was a generous offer, I had to decline. I felt guilty myself for making him feel as if I needed this to be okay.

The truth is, I can barely manage the children I have now without drinking. Let alone if we added a 6th child. Kidding about the drinking... Kinda.

The next stage I went through was fear. Fear of pain, recovering, and not being able to be everything I am everyday. Wife, mom, husbands business secretary, maid, chauffeur, cook, the list goes on...

I met with my amazing doctor who somehow even eased my anxiety. Who told me it is completely normal to go through these stages. Some women go through it before, some go through it after.. And still if I've had these feelings before, it is completely normal to feel them again afterwards.

G R E A T. I look forward to that. Someone pass the Xanax, please?

Today, 8 days and counting till surgery- through all the stages it has taken me to get here- I am ready. I am ready to live life without pain holding me back. I'm ready to live my life without fear of the C word staring me back in the face.

Today, I am ready to recover.


Friday, April 15, 2016

If I could only be...

Life has taught me many things. Lessons, lots of life lessons. I've learned from every single one of them.

The ones that haunt me most are the ones I fear my own children will go through, if I could only be the person I needed when I was younger...

I never fully understood what I was missing, why I did the thing I was doing. But because I was missing something, someone, I looked for the attention of others in sometimes the most darkest of places.

So I strive to be that person for every single one of my 5, that may be we know nothing about consciously- but they are in fact missing.

I strive. Strive daily to be a better person, Mom, Step Mom, friend, not for myself, but for them.

I strive to be everything maybe the someone or something in their lives is not.

My personal vow is to protect them.
And in a different light, they very well protect me.

They keep me alive. They are the air that fills my lungs, they are my breath. Without them, I am positively sure my life would be non existent.

I know I've said this a million times, but sometimes when reality hits you square in the face and knocks the breath out you- I find it more noticeable on days like today that being a parent is hard, being a step parent is MUCH MUCH harder.

I can only do so much with what I am given, I can only speak so much before there is a line between myself and them that is drawn.

It's almost as if somedays I feel like I'm drowning in love and the other days.. I'm in a sea with waves of hate that are taking no break while crashing around me. I'm drowning. When somedays it feels as if I can't even save myself to save them.

And even if it takes my last breath being everything they need, I know this...

I will not stop being the person I needed when I was younger for them, even if it is appreciated or not. And I will love them, love them harder than even the day I did before.

In the long run, what a life I have lived if I can only devout myself to being everything a mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, niece or a stranger, that I am trying to be and succeed.

If I could only be...


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lies I tell you..

9 years into Momhood and one conversation with a gorgeous Mama friend of mine later....
Got me thinking...

Why aren't more Moms just real about this ish?  I mean, pushing a human out of your hoo haa is not a walk in the park, people.


It's not all roses or peach daquiris...
(God I love peach daquiris!)

Let's be real!

Sometimes, 70% of the time, being a Mom sucks.

It literally started off with with a pain in the ass...

Yes, there are all those moments- sweet, snuggly, googly-eyed moments that make us melt, I'm sure there are-everyday, but---

What about the in between moments? The ones that make you wanna pull your hair out, that no one seems to want to talk about?

The first time you breast fed, it sucked that you felt like a failure because you couldn't get brand new bundle of joy to latch on correctly, your nipples are gushing blood (totes NORMAL, right?) and the lactation nurse isn't helping matters calling you every 10 mins making you feel like your kid is in fact STARVING, or maybe baby was colicky, or what about the time you lived 13 hours away from your family and you didn't have anyone to ask to watch the little pipsqeak long enough to wash the 3 day old spit up out of your hair?

Don't ask me why there was 3 days of not washing my hair. I was hormonal, emotional and tired. The thought of undressing and seeing my post baby body made me want to spit up myself. The actual energy to bend over in the shower to pick up all the hair I was losing wasn't worth it. God forbid I actually shave my week long unshaven legs or underarms. The thought of doing any of these made me want to cry...but sleep more. 

It's draining somedays.

And I don't know about y'all, but I wanted to be selfish. Let the baby cry and go in the room and cry myself. My first born was the easiest baby ever. Independent. Silly. Happy. But 10mo into being his mom, I realized, I didn't want to be.

Not because he wasn't the best or coolest kid on the block, because DUH- he was-and not because I couldn't remember what it was like before our worlds collided and my existence was purely for his life only.

But because post pregnancy messes with your brain- and then I realized, I was sad. And for some reason, people don't like to talk about sad.

This amazing human being loved me, I was his world, everything I had ever imagined being to someone and then when the day was over.. I didn't want any of it.

I wanted to be in college with all my friends. I wanted to be out and about, living my life for me and no one else. 

Pregnant with baby number 2 chasing first born through Epcot to the finding Nemo ride was so memorable.. Did I mention it was my 21st birthday and I was chasing a damn toddler around in between crowds of people with goofy looking grins and mouse ears on their heads and not tequila shots?

Tell me again, why they say pregnant women can't drink? Oh, yeah.. Their health and stuff... Im convinced a man must have come up with that.

But what about our sanity? 

How about the time my precious little Nick Nick decided to grab the new little alien looking thing by her ankles WHEN SHE WAS ONLY 2wks OLD and proceeded to hang her upside down by her feet...

Somehow and incredibly enough- she's tougher than him now. She makes him cry.

Then fast forward to this week, when you feel as if you're already struggling to be The good Mom, perfect Mom, make the right decisions, keep up the good work and then shit hits the fan and you find yourself struggling even more at trying to be a even better step-mom. Can I just say that being a step mom is harder than I ever imagined?

 My kids naturally love me. We fight, we make up. I give them tough love, two door slams and about 15 mins later, I feel there teeny little arms wrap around my waist and they tell me they love me.

However, I've learned that having step children is a whole different ball game. They don't have to like you, let alone love you. They don't even have to talk to you if they don't wanna. Also- you can't make them.

Especially when you have to be more than JUST their friend and step mom, you have to be a real life in the moment, giving all the tough love you can, Mom. And those times suck even worse.

It's jaded. It makes you feel like you've got your shit together, but at the same time--
It makes you feel like you've totally failed somewhere at some point in the last 2 years of being in their lives.

I am the proud lover of all 3 of my step darlings. They complete my heart and soul in ways I never thought I could understand.

When I became a mom, no one ever told me how hard it would be. When I became a step mom, shit got real real.

For the very first time I realized, I'm not perfect. I'm gonna piss someone off or all 5 of them off at the same time. And that's when the magic happens.

If someone's not pissed at me, I must be doing something wrong. Because when they are upset, I am doing something right.

Pat on the back there, C.

Has it been worth every bit of the last 9 years of my life up until today? Totally.

And every ounce of red wine I have consumed to get me through it later.

Because sometimes us Moms just need a little encouragement from a friend or when shit gets real tough, a big box of wine. Or both.

Raising humans is hard in a world that is now weirder, harder, and a whole lot damn scarier than it was when I was growing up.

We all have that selfish part of us, that part that says I'd rather be sipping martinis on a Manhattan Sky Rise with the girls or at the beach with your big floppy hat, shades, cute new momkini, with an umbrella drink in your hand- no children in sight that are biologically yours- rather than wiping the butts and boogers out of our little human noses or dealing with their teen stuff.

We are human. It's okay to not be okay with Moming that day. Some days suck worse than others and it's okay to admit it.

But here's the kicker, we do it. It'd drive us crazy if we couldn't.

It may not feel like your winning at this thing every day, but I can guarantee you, regardless if you've not showered in 3 days or you left your kid in his stroller and walked off to see a firework show at Walt Disney World-minus said kid in stroller, (Total I thought YOU had him moment!) You're winning.

And hopefully at this time none of you are reporting me to DHR.

Rock on Mamas,

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Blogger Circa 2010.

Fast forward to 2016.
Kill me.
I feel old. Out dated.
Not nearly as humorous, chic or word savvy as some of these kids.
This big ole' world of fabulous ladies and gents has changed oh so much.
And I'm not sure where I am left standing in the midst of the humor, fashion, the makeup, and other magical- mystical realms of this world anymore.
Do I talk about my never a dull moment/ridiculous life with Husband
and our 5 precious little humans?
Like the time my Nickster decided to inform my husband that I had been gang banged....
Oh but yes, that REALLY happened.
2 people know this story. I am forever embarrassed.
I wish this conversation was being recorded.
Hello AFV. I'd be $50k richer.
Setting: Living room, playing Black Ops 3 with my kid and Husband.
(Because what do all other cool Mama Bears and Wifeys do?)
Nick: "Mom, you totally just got gang-banged!!!!"
Me: "What?!?"
Husband: "Mommy, have you been gang-banged before?"
Me: "N-"
God help me. As you can imagine, I almost had a stroke.
Apparently, getting your arse kicked on Team Death Match is now this generations fully renounced meaning of "getting gang-banged".
I'm still a little dead inside from that one.
Or do I tell you all about my fancy smancy workout routine I did tonight in my living room- 5 sets of 10, all while squatting with a 50lb Diva on my back. Do I mention I almost died, fell back on the very last one and did NOT harm my child in the process? Leaving out that earlier today I totally enjoyed shoving a Five Guys Burger in my mouth and some fries. For the record, I plan for it to be my last regular cheat meal for a while. I am also pretty sure I won't be able to move tomorrow.
Husband may not know it, but we are going to start practicing Acro-yoga together.
He says, "Only after we obtain some sort of health insurance, because of his bigness and my natural clumsiness, I am sure to injure some delicate part of my body or worse, his..." He's probably right. After we hit the big leagues and are Acro Yogi extraordinaires, we I will start a ridiculous Insta account you can all enjoy.
I know, I know.
You're welcome.
There is actually no real point to this post, other than I have no clue what to blog about in this world of fabulous unicorns anymore. And everyone, including me, is on some sort of device in my living room and I needed someone to ramble to.
Struggle of Generation Technology is real, yall.
The night is young, I am about to go blast some Zombs with my kid and get gang banged... 
and I just had to spell JAIL for my 7 year old.
Lord, sweet baby Jesus...
Mama Bear, out.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Hey, 2016.

Here we are... a New Year.
Now I don't know about ya'll, but my life has been a rollecoaster this past year.
Thankfully, with more goods than bads.
I started living again- fully- for all intents and purposes after finding out in November I had the C word, then not having the C word, and then my oncologist slicing out a 5cm Tumor from my cervix. Yep, just as painful as it sounds. That was a 2 month healing process and I couldn't even enjoy the finer goods in life. I was in too much pain. A lot of prayers went into that healing. I am forever thankful for the ones that sent me all the good vibes and feels a girl could ever possibly need or want.
Yet, that journey is not over quite yet.
But I continue to pray that it will be, one day. 
Fingers crossed.
I got married.  
Something I SWORE I would NEVER do again.
I found my soul mate a year and some odd months ago.  
(and I didn't believe those existed anymore, kinda like unicorns.)
I am now the proud new owner of a Stud of a Husband and 3 gorgeous (I hate this word) Step-Children.
When I say that my world, my life, and my heart are full...
Believe me.
For the first time in the longest time, it is genuinely full.
I went 9 years searching for my little sister, Destiny.
I found her 9 years later on Facebook.
Thank God for Social Media.
I never thought I would ever hear myself say that...
Because without this generation and its super cool social media sites-
I would have never laid eyes on one of the most precious of jewels God had created ever again.
And today- she's my big little sister of a best friend.
Just her presence in our lives has filled it with hope, love, and completeness.
For years I wondered if I'd ever be truly happy again.
I catch myself wondering what I ever did to deserve this much love and happiness.
I still think from time to time when any of my 5 children come in for a hug or say an I love you or when Mike gives me that knowing look that says a thousands words to my soul...
 Someone pinch me.
Maybe God does answer prayers.
I'm throwing my bet on the table with that in mind.
I'm quite thankful for the ones he didn't answer...
 And then I realize if he heard me just once...
That maybe, somehow, he saw two similar hearts and thought it would be fun to make us endure some tribulation and trials before there could actually be an us.
But let me tell you-
I would wait another, for what seemed like a thousand years, again-
to have the love and happiness I share with Michael and our 5 combined.
I met my best friend.
My Insta is quite nauseating. My facebook, GAG.
My now blog....
I wanna Tom Cruise on Oprah's couch, kinda shout it from the rooftops.
That's just how in love and happy I am.
Do not get me wrong, here.
My life is not perfect.
I don't claim to have the perfect marriage, be a perfect parent, or person in general.
But my happiness is genuine.
Like all things- nothing is perfect..
But I'm going to go on a long shot and say-
My life is my own definition of perfect.
I have everything I need and more.
God is for the first time in a very long time, #1 in my life again.
2015 taught me a lot of things.
 I started to see the in between grey area that no one really likes to talk about.
I realized first hand that just because you have the best interest in your heart for someone-
doesn't mean they have the best of yours in heart.
It's sad, but most people are only out for themselves.
I figured out- I don't need those people in my life.
And that has been tough lesson to learn.
Honestly, my life is twenty times better without them.
I've accepted that people will lie and laugh at your expense,
only to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities and issues.
Is it fair? No. Is it pretty? Hell No.
But it has helped me get rid of the baggage in my life.
Taught me who I needed and who I didn't.
I'm glad my circle is smaller. My people are amazing.
Just like that, moving along...
Together, Mike and I have numerous "resolutions" I guess you would say, that we plan on putting into works. This year is going to be one of the best for our little big fam of 7. I just know it.
I go into 2016 with even more hope and faith than last year.
 Because with God, All things are POSSIBLE.
Happy New Years, 
Chrystal Louise

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hello... It's Me.

Your life is just begining. You have so many lessons to learn. Please be easy on your heart. Remember that some promises are meant to be broken. No matter how much they hurt you, things happen for a reason. Many will help you understand this. This will change you, but you will find yourself, who you were meant to be. Do not be bitter because of the past. People will judge you based off hear say or what they've seen. Do not let those people take away the shine from within. Better yourself not for them, but for you. Never give up on yourself. You will make it, no matter how hard you may have it at any given time.

Never stop believing you are the daughter of the King of Kings. His love for you will always be. You are perfectly imperfect. You are forgiven by his grace and loved through his mercy. You will fall short of his foot steps... But we all do. Remember he will never turn his back on you no matter how far you may have fallen behind.

Friendships will come and many will go. Turn away from negativity. For those that have loose lips about others, very well have loose lips about you. Trust only few. At a certain point in your life if you were to show someone 5 of your closests friends, They could show you your future. This is a huge lesson you will learn. Surround yourself with trust, respect, love and you will find just that filling the gaps in your life and heart. You will endure a few select heartbreaks and you will survive each of them. You will build up mountain sized walls. Eventually you will trust enough to break them down one by one. You will try and protect your heart, only to do the opposite. You will become a stronger version of the person before each of those heartbreaks changed you.

Your children will love you no matter the path you decide to take. They will see strength where others have condemned and laid judgement on you. One day they will understand how frightened you must have been to fail them and how strong you must have been to pick up the pieces around you and fix what you may have broken. You are their Mama, their hero, and always their safe place. They will always look for you and love you.

You will find that someone who loves you as much as you can love them. Pray for that man. Pray blessings over his life. Pray that your love only grow stronger, the stronger you both grow in Christ. Uplift him when he is down and when he is not. Remind him he is worth every ounce of his being. That true love doesn't end and it does in fact still exist. Old love is a beautiful thing. Help him believe in that again. Stand beside him and face the world, no matter the circumstances at hand.

To be forgiven you must first forgive. To move along with your life, you must learn to let go of the past. Take pride in the person your 28 year old self has become and smile. The mom you strive to be. The years to come will be some of your best. God has his hand on you and his plans for you are never wrong. They may be vastly different than the ones you have for yourself, but his are always perfect.

Every single day, smile, Chrystal Louise. Laugh and love. And most importantly, never stop. 


Not Adele.

Monday, November 9, 2015

The girl behind the screen.

I haven't washed my hair in 3 days in hopes that without applying heat it will have grown at least 2in since Friday evening.
Pathetically enough and if we are actually going to be honest, its mainly just pure laziness. Yet, weirdly- I think I'm kind of pulling it off. I don't know if Husband has actually noticed I haven't washed it or has just decided to let me test out my own experiment or maybe thinks I'm having some sort of silent emotional breakdown and refuses to mention for now being that it could cause an even more emotionally unstable breakdown. Michael and I both are pretty OCD about hygiene. Given that piece of information, I know I have a timeline no longer than tomorrow and then I'll have to wash the mane. Or he will throw me in the shower Baby Mama style while I cry in the corner just like Poehler, clothes and all.
See what I did there?
I ruined a perception you had of me.
You thought that I always have my hair done, makeup on, that I'm manicured, the works.

Now that you all are thoroughly grossed out at the fact that I am:
1. That lazy of a human being.
Let's move on shall we?
(BTW, I have showered. Just refusing to use shampoo for now.)
Definition: the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. 
We all have them.
My favorite one is that by what people post on social media is their ACTAUL REAL LIFE.

The girl I am behind this screen is who I am in reality.
(You just know more than my husband knows at this point.)

However, I give you the portion I want you to see.
I am NOT going to post a picture of what day 3 unwashed hair looks like on me.

Here's the reason(s) why:

It's none of your business.
My life is way more messier than my Facebook claims it is.

I know a lot of you think my post about my life are gag worthy and that's okay, I do too most of the time. I constantly am like, really Chrystal? What about the bad shit? All the while all of you are saying, "Her life couldn't possibly be "that perfect"."

Let's be real for a minute..

I'm sure if I updated my status 20 times a day with every single thought and event that happened in between the gag worthy stuff, 1. I'd have a lot less friends and a lot more enemies...
Most of you would end up making pretty hilarious and judgmental memes about me or just unfriend me. My ex husbands new wife post meme's about me all the time. SOO MUCH FUN.

That's another post for another day-


What you may not know is that Michael and I argue!!! SHOCKER. Its usually minimal stuff and over in 2.5 seconds, but it happens. In between the pictures on Insta and Facebook- there are arguments, worry, stress. You don't see these things-hear our prayers of bids coming through that could financially help us in many ways more than one, you cant possibly imagine our trials, the things we go through to keep our family afloat. You didn't know that 3 weeks ago our power was cut off or the cable the very next week. Or how Husband doesn't get home sometimes till 8pm on weeknights or works all day on Saturday just to provide for his family because he believes that is HIS job... and how sad it makes me and how appreciative I am that I have a hardworking husband that is killing himself trying to make ends meet for our family of 7. You don't see how hard it is for a mother to let their step mother spank her children, you don't see how hard it is for me to only be a step mother to 3 kids who have completely enraptured my heart and everything that comes along in general about being a step-parent. It's hard. It's all so rewarding at the end of the day. But like I said, there are plenty of things you don't see, I don't post, and I don't talk about.

Stop basing your perceptions on the lives of others, based off of what they post on a social media outlet. Nobody has a perfect life.

My neighbor said to me last month or so, "I had no idea. I just thought because Mike owns his own company and can do all these different amazing things, ya'll didn't have it hard.".


BTW- I love my neighbor and we have had this conversation plenty. So no bad blood, but seriously.

It does go to show how we perceive others and their lives based off of what we show the world.

Stop judging people from an outside perception.
If you wanna know something, ask me. Don't assume.
9 times out of 10, unless its just extremely personal-
I'm going to tell you.

Ask someone how their day is going. Call an old friend, make sure life is treating them okay.
Because sometimes the strongest looking people are actually the weakest.
Be a good person, stop this generations perception of perfect.
And if you do- Man, I would love to talk to you.

I said I wouldn't, but if we are going to keep it real:

Here is the girl behind the screen.
3 days of unwashed hair in all its oily glory.